Assess before learn!

betterU has partnered with multiple assessment companies to support employers in measuring their employees' skills based on their job roles, by subject or a mixture of modules. Before an employee begins their learning journey,  they must first assess what level of skill they have or are missing all together. Most companies buy courses thinking that is the solution for proper skilling and while it is part of the overall solution, there is a lot more required. betterU has brought together the entire solution. 

Assessment Options

Subject Base

Build stronger candidate pools and make SMART hiring decisions. With 1000+ standard assessments covering thousands of topics, betterU helps you deploy valid assessments for pre-employment selection.

Job Role

Assess your recruits and employees to identify their skill gaps. Reduce recruiting and training costs by understanding what knowledge and experience an employee brings to the job. Create questions that simulate your work environment to see how candidates measure up.


An employer might require a variety of different assessments depending on the requirements for their organization. If we don’t have the assessment you are looking for, we will build it for you.

By Employee

Every employee brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the job. Individualized assessments allow you to truly understand the talent and potential within your organization.


Gain an in depth understanding of hiring prospects and qualifications for any job within your organization.


A customizable assessment dashboard provides an overview of an employee or group of employees’ assessment results, helping you manage your training and development objectives.

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Reporting Options

By Job Role

Job roles are complex and vary from organization to organization. A Job Role Assessment can ensure you are developing the right employee with the right skills for the job.

Summary by Q/A

Properly assessing skill gaps based on assessment results ensures you are creating the right skilling program for your employees.

By Question

Drilling down to the details of each assessment provides the proper level of feedback for individualized skill development.