Skill Development - Simplified

A low monthly fee provides employers with an affordable and easily manageable solution. Don't pay for more then your employees' need.
Save Money!
When you combine solutions from multiple learning providers the costs can easily break your department budgets without delivering satisfactory results.
Save Time!
Let our data driven SMART solution get you the results you need. Focus on your learning and development objectives while we do the rest!
Get Results!
Beta Program
60-day Beta Period, No fee applied
  • Becoming a beta customer provides you with the opportunity to work closely with betterU in the further development, testing and growing the platform to meet your needs.
Volume Employee Discount Available
  • Never buy a course again! All-in-one skills platform provides Job role, Subject and Modular Assessments followed by Individualized learning paths mapped to exactly what your employees needs. No more guessing!
Volume Employee Discounts Available
  • Pre-hire assessment measures both cognitive and psychometric skills with one assessment. Screen candidates for their true skills and personality, not their resume-writing skills.

Interested in our Beta Program

Here are just some of the many features of our solution


betterU's platform contains enough programs to support the skill requirements of a corporation.


The platform brings together 1000+ assessments and 10,000+ courses, simplifying an employers efforts.


Individualized assessments, learning paths and ongoing development plans to support ongoing growth.


Seamless integration of an employee's progress with a corporate management system.

betterU's all inclusive solution is right for you!

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Why become a Beta Customer?

Building the future

You have the opportunity to be part of shaping the future of skilling. betterU believes it has the solution to solve mass skilling, but we want to make sure we are addressing the needs of all employers. This means we need to work with you directly, listen and adjust what we are building in order to make sure it addresses all your needs.

Pioneering change takes vision, leadership and the guts to take a risk to push for advancement.  Your involvement in our beta program is important for those who can no longer stand by when they can help make change a reality.  

If you are financially motivated, then this is definitely the reason for you to join our beta program. All those who participate and stay on after the 60 day beta period will automatically receive a 25% discount off their annual subscription.