Building Better Skilled Employees

Successful skills development requires collaboration between assessment providers, educators, technology providers and corporations. We simplify the process, making your learning and development training easier, faster, and more cost effective for you.

Why Our Platform is Benefitial to Everyone


There are millions of educators, tens of thousands of skills development companies and as many new technologies emerging daily, making it difficult for organizations to navigate the often complicated and fragmented landscape of skills development.

betterU is a global education marketplace bringing together nearly 100 global partnerships to provide access to world-class education and skilling programs on one easy to use platform.  

Employers have been struggling to manage their learning and development objectives for years. Sky high training costs, inconsistent results and far too many ‘solutions’ make the task of assessing or skilling talent overwhelming.

betterU created the Skill, Reskill, Upskill platform to simplify the processes, remove barriers, and get costs under control.

The process of qualifying, hiring and training top talent can be time consuming and expensive. Employers must source, assess, negotiate and manage the hiring process, drawing focus away from their organization’s objectives.

betterU’s SMART method gives employers the opportunity to focus on skills development for pre-hires, new hires and career development for their top talent by leveraging our global assessment partners, educators and technology partners.

Employers spend a significant amount of time, money and effort on sourcing and assessing possible candidates for job opportunities. This is a time consuming and often fruitless endeavour for many.

betterU’s platform can help create a better pipeline of qualified candidates by pre-determining their skills, understanding their skill gaps, and providing them with access to the right learning paths to be primed for the right jobs.

Some of the best talent out there simply have not had the chance to share their skills, knowledge or drive. Reaching under-represented groups can provide significant for opportunities organizations.

Being a social impact business, betterU is focused on solutions that can help provide equal opportunities to the unemployed and under employed. Individuals can access betterU and build their own careers by selecting the jobs they are interested in and enrolling in our education-to-employment program.

In the past, employees were often dependent on their employer to have an opportunity to upskill and advance their career within an organization.

Through the betterU platform, an employee is in control of their skilling and career growth while being guided by their organization. Both the employer and the employee can plan, track and complete skill programs, remaining competitive and ready for the future.

With the advancement of technology, the job landscape will go through dramatic changes, eliminating jobs through automation while creating many new ones in their place. Change creates many unknowns for the jobs of the future and organizations are often at odds with how to advance and remain competitive.

betterU has developed a platform to adapt to ever-changing job and industry requirements by consistently incorporating these changes to support employers and employees of the future.

Education to employment requires opportunities for employees to advance their careers and find the right job match once properly skilled and employers to find the right talent for the jobs that are available.

betterU connects the right employee with the right employer with an integrated job portal.

Easy for employers and employees to acheive the best results!

About Our Skill Platform

Set up

Set-up new users quickly and easily, then invite them to complete their user profile. Collecting information such as aspirations for their future will help you determine the best skilling path.

Select Assessments

Whether you need to Skill, Reskill or Upskill, choose the right assessments based on the requirements of the individual and the organization.

Take Assessments

Assessments styles range from true/false and multiple-choice questions to simulations and interactive responses and can be completed quickly and easily from any device.

Skill Gap Analysis

Results of each assessment are delivered right to your dashboard allowing you to quickly see how an employee measures up and where there is room for improvement and development.

Learning Path Assigned

Upon completion of the Skill Gap Analysis, your employee will be assigned to a learning path from our catalogue of global education providers to help them Skill, Reskill or Upskill.


Employees can access their learning path quickly and easily through their dashboard while keeping track of progress and completion of skilling programs.

Reassess and Repeat

Reassessment of skills is necessary to show improvement and growth. After courses are complete the employee will be given the opportunity to reassess skills and repeat or advance learning as required in order to close the skill gap.

We are helping provide the right skills for the right job!

About Our Job Platform


Employer Registration

Easy registration and set up of employees makes getting started simple.

Employer Dashboard

Set-up company profile, post and manage jobs, connect and and manage applicants and more in our easy to use dashboard.


Candidate Communication

Connect with candidates for interviews, peer-to -peer support, consulting, and more through our easy meeting system.

Access Learning Resources

Access one of the world's largest repositories of skilling resources to support your learning and development objectives.