Becoming and Staying FutureFit

In a world increasingly defined by digital technologies and automation, our old models and tools are ill-suited to the changing landscape of work and learning. FutureFit AI puts AI-powered tools in the hands of people, organizations, and societies to become and stay FutureFit. betterU is thrilled to have FutureFit AI supporting our efforts to solve global skilling.

AI learning

Technology & Automation Impacting Work & Workers

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Using AI to Help People Discover, Pursue, and Secure their Path

More Transitions for More People in More Places

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No matter which predictions about robots and jobs you believe, the only certainty is that the frequency, intensity, and complexity of transitions of all kinds (skill-to-skill, job-to-job, and career-to-career) will only exponentially increase.​

Using AI to Help People Discover, Pursue, and Secure their Path

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FutureFit Ai partners with companies, governments, schools, and agencies to use the power of AI to address one of its most significant impacts on people, jobs, and communities in the future of work.​

The FutureFit Ai Platform



One of the world’s most comprehensive and granular data maps on work, skills, talent, and learning – past, current, and future.


AI Models


Purpose-built and research-backed prediction, recommendation and matchmaking algorithms focused squarely on the future of work, skills, talent, and learning.




Enterprise-grade platform designed for both individuals and organizations to form strategy and deliver programs.



With coverage across 200+ countries and territories, 30,000 skills, and 80,000 job titles, FutureFit Ai is a powerful source of data and intelligence for governments, consulting firms, and people analytics teams focused on work, talent, skills, and learning questions.​


With dynamic automation risk mapping, skill gap analysis and pathway recommendation algorithms, FutureFit Ai uniquely enables enterprise workforce transformation teams and government agencies to develop strategies and deploy reskilling programs.

Future of Layoffs

Powered by real-time labour market information, personalized assessments, and access to coaching supports, FutureFit Ai is partnering with companies and governments to help people successfully transition to their next opportunity with supports at every step of the way.