Skill, Reskill, Upskill

Individualize your skills development programs for new hires or existing employees with everything they need to succeed from one platform.

The solution to skills development is collaboration.

AI / Machine Learning

AI provides a powerful source of intelligence focused on work, talent, skills, and learning.

AI / Machine Learning

betterU's AI partner coverage 200+ countries and territories, 30,000 skills, and 80,000 job titles
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Pre-Hire Assessments

Screen candidates for their true skills and personality, not their resume-writing skills.

Pre-Hire Assessments

Measure the cognitive skills and psychometric traits and more of candidates before they are hired.
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Skills Assessment

Measure your employees' skills based on their job roles, by subject or a mixture of modules.

Skills Assessment

Access over 1,000 assessments to support all aspects of your organizational needs.
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Learning Path

Once your employee's skills gaps have been determined, individual learning path are assigned.

Learning Path

betterU has partnered with multiple global educators to support access to over 10,000 courses.
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Looking for work, a new career, advance your skills?
Connecting skills with opportunities


Looking for work? Have the right skills?

We help build the right skills for job seekers looking for their next opportunity. Build a profile, define your job interest and build or upload your resume so you can apply to work with the world’s best employers.

Providing opportunities to learn and grow

Interested in a career change? 
Have the right skills?

We provide learning and skilling opportunities to foster career growth. Find a learning path that enhances your skills for the jobs of the future.

Enhancing skills through mentorship opportunities


Want to stay current or advance your career?  Have the right skills?

We cultivate opportunities for growth by connecting you to industry leaders. Connect and learn from today’s top talent while enhancing your skills to succeed in your career.

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Skills Courses